Friday, 14 February 2020

Turkey Stand with Pakistan clearly on the Kashmir Issue;Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan in Parliament Speech today.

Turkey Stand with Pakistan clearly on the Kashmir Issue; TurkishPresident Rajab Tayyab Erdogan in Parliament Speech today.

For the fourth record time, President of Turkey Rajab Tayyab Erdogan clearly supports Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. The Turkish President said the Kashmir issue is as close to us as it is go all the Pakistanis. 

He reminded the world that what is happening in the Kashmir is totally in contradiction with the resolutions of the United Nations security council. 

He multiple times referred Kashmir in his speech and said " Our Kashmiris brothers and sisters have suffered from Indian aggression for decades and these events have become grave due to the BJP government unilateral decisions taken in recent times".

Reteriating Turkey's support for the oppressed Kashmiris in this difficult time and said it is as close to Turkey as it is for Pakistan. 

"No acceptance of torture on the any believers in the world, if there is any ,it's is our duty to help them."

Interestingly, Erdogan relates the atrocities in the Indian Held Kashmir with the Canakkale in the Turkey happened a hundred years ago. The repeating of that type of the barbarity on the Kashmir is non acceptable. 

India must understand the situation in the IOK until it is too late for India.

The Kashmir issue can be resolved on the basis of justice but not through conflict or oppression on Kashmiri people. 

Turkey will definitely continue to stand by for justice, peace and talks for the peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue. 

It is again a chance for India to take it seriously and uplift all the restrictions in the Kashmir. How long it will continue suppression of IOK people and hide the Kashmir situation. The world would not be  make fool by cutoff the Kashmir from the rest of the world by communication blackout and internet ban.One day all these restrictions  will end and the real Fascist face of the Indian government will come before the world. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Kashmir's conflict and the untold stories of the Half widows

Kashmir's conflict and the untold stories of the Half widows

Kashmir :

Kashmir is a land full of beauty if nature. Since the time of partition between India and Pakistan, Kashmir and the people of Kashmir are in trouble. Pakistan has always supported the motive of independent elections for the people of Kashmir so they can live according yo their own will, but India was never in the favour of fair elections. Since independence, India has played the role of devil in the region full of angels and love. Thousands of innocent children, men and women are  brutally martyred. India has always wanted to suppress the Kashmiri people of their basic rights and needs. In all these years Kashmir has fought for its right of living and freedom. People are not safe even in their houses. Everywhere Indian army keep patrolling the streets and towns and kill innocent people.

Sodomized Children :

 Women are raped and children are assaulted sexually as well as physically, but no one raise a voice for the human rights. Shelling, use of ballet guns and poisonous gases are the very brutal act of taking lives all over the area. More than a months has passed in curfew, people are dying and are killed. There is lack of food, medicine and safety. India has always imposed its violent and wild ideas of taking lives on the people of Kashmir.


From politicians to activists to children, India is running out of space for its prisoners.
SRINAGAR Kashmir Around the Soura neighborhood of Srinagar the capital of Indian-administered Kashmir civilians have spade false-hated and erect wood, tin, and barbed wire blockades. Farhan Mohammad a 26-year-old local whose name has been changed, notified, dozen will die when the forces comes.
These young men have secure all the entry and exit points of their area which is home to at least 500 families in the hopes of securing the civilians inside from arrest by the Indian Army.
 They were joined to the existing half a million already there. Security forces made quick work of arresting and delaying prominent politicians, business people, activists, and lawyers.
Such arrests only further isolate Kashmirs, especially the young, who could turn to more brutal means of protest in future.
About 400 of the thousands of people apprehend are fasten in makeshift jails around Srinagar One of the jails is located in the Centaur Hotel inside Sher-e-Kashmir International Conference Centre on the banks of the picturesque Dal Lake. A regional political leader who’s according to his family, was arrested on Aug. 7 at around 1:30 p.m. when police officers came to the family’s home.

Freedom fighter of Kashmir :

The arrest, one member of his family said,. The police officials were present tea. After tea, they put Ahmed’s father, Muhammad Khalil, a veteran politician and ex-minister, under house detained. Ahmed was pulled to a local police station in south Kashmir. His brother, Mohammad Shafi, had been able to meeting him and was glad to confirm that he is doing “fine.”
That doesn’t mean that the family is at peace with his arrest. India is not a parliamentary anymore,” Shafi aforesaid. “My brother has rights under Indian Formation—the state doesn’t even tell us under what accusation he has been inactive.
In a village in southern Kashmir, a 22-year-old man aforesaid he was picked up in a midnight raid and admonished for more than an hour along with a dozen other Kashmiris.
"I was familiar with control stick, rifle butts and they kept asking me why I went for a dissent march. I kept telling them that I didn't, but they didn't stop. After I shadowy, they used electric shocks to bring round me," he told Al Jazeera on condition of namelessness"Once they accomplished I was innocent, they wanted me to name a stone-pelter. I told them, I don't know anyone. So, they continued pulsating and electrocuting me. They wanted all of us to give the names of stone-pelters.
"They started actuation my beard and even tried to put it on fire. Then, someone hit me on the head and I shadowy. It is then they, perhaps, realised that I might die. So, they asked my friend to take me home. I regained knowingness after two days and it's been 20 days and I still can't walk properly.
Decked out by deep deodar forests, terrasse corn Fields, apple woodlet and rough elevation, the hamlet of Dardpora tucked in the northern rim of Indian-administered Kashmir looks pastoral.

Half widows :

But abrasion a little heavy and the wounds of time period of conflict wholesale across the region open up when its 300-odd widows and ‘half widows’ (women whose husbands have disappear but not yet been declared deceased) describe the pain of mislay their husbands in didactics of the on-going battle.
"His occurrent is still a mystery," says Begum Jaan, 52, whose husband Shamsuddin Pasal leftover home for evening prayers and never return again.

"Sometimes insurrectionist used civilians as guides. Other times army forced small town to lead search transaction in the forests. Not many returned to their families. We still wait for our husbands. They may be alive. Who knows? But then they should have returned," she asks.
Bibi Fatima’s story isn’t different either.
when her husband Vilayat Shah, a daily wager, left home in search for work. Fatima, 65, waited for his return for ten days but he was nowhere to be found.
"I searched him for months. Except for the army camps I searched for him everywhere. And one day I just gave up," Fatima says, adding, "We are illiterate people. In this far-away unreported world we do not have any information how to proceed with the case legally."

Force disappearance :

The unresolved conflict has resulted in untold miseries, including the misfortune that befell the women whose husbands have disappeared without a trace.
Since their husbands are not confirmed dead, they are officially not considered widows. Instead, the locals see them as "half-widows".

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

An Illegal Annexation of Kashmir by Modi,s Fascist Government?

An Illegal Annexation of Kashmir by Modi,s Fascist Government?

Kashmir illegal annexation is  a big mistake made by Indian government.The results of this mistake is huge and cost Modi government a lot more than his expectations.

It is a threat to the regional peace. Kashmir annexation is illegal because Indian Constitution itself gives him special status.Kashmir is silent just like a grave.Political leadership is under house arrest and several others are detained in a jail.

Amnesty international recently started a global campaign named " Let's Kashmir Speak " against the shutdown of the Mobile Phones,  internet services and telephones In the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

There are speculations that something is going wrong in the J&K which is the reason why a month long curfew is still imposed on the people of the Indian Occupied Kashmir. 

Indian forces ransacked houses at night and caught the one's who have speak against this aggression and barbarism.

Shehla Rashid,  leader of the Jammu and Kashmir People Movement is also arrested by Indian forces because of the alleged attack on the Indian forces raids on the Kashmiris houses at night and harassing  the  civil people.

 Student Leader also booked for the spreading fake news against the Indian Army on the Twitter and to malign the Government and Army.

She is hyperactive in the campaign against Indian illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and August 5 stripping of the special status of Kashmir which guaranteed several autonomies to the Jammu and Kashmir.

The arresting of the civilians, communication cutoff and imposing curfew to suppress the voices of Kashmiris is not a solution but intensifying the struggles to get rid from India by Kashmiris people.

Modi,s Fascist regime is following the path of Nazist Germany party. It is a great concern for all of us. The Supremacy of the hindu,  hindutv and hindi  in India is going to rise on secular India of Nehru and Gandhi.

Indian Government is playing with the fire and it may upset and burn the government itself . Curfew is not a solution but itself a problem.

Scarcity of the foods,  medicines and other things of everyday use is going to increase the tendency of catastrophe.

Modi foolish decisions leading  one and a half billion population to no where like situation.

Everyone is going to condemned the barbarism of India Current Government domestically and internationally. International world is silent because silent on this Matter  is profitable and have good economic results, which saved money and increases the economy for that countries. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Why Pakistan Shouldn't Look Towards Other Muslim Countries For Kashmir and It's People?

Why Pakistan Shouldn't Look Towards Other Muslim Countries For Kashmir and It's People?

Kashmir and Kashmiri people are suffering the barbarism of  Indian forces. The whole world is silent on this matter except for Pakistan. Muslim Ummah have lost unity and responsibility to help muslim brothers and sisters when anyone from these are in a difficult situation. World have zip up their lips on this issue. No one is in a position to take the responsibility of this sensitive problem. 

Only Pakistan is taking firm stand on the Kashmir since revocation of Article 370 and 35A of Indian gover─║nment unilateral decision. People in Srinagar are active and protesting this decision.Demading their status back in which Kashmir have autonomous status and a state affairs. 

This is our own fight and we have to fight it himself. No need to look towards other neighbor's states to put pressure on India for his bad decisions. We need to speak loudly and clearly what is happening in Kashmir and with Kashmiris. 

No one is interested in solving Kashmir issue because they have economic interests with India.Economic power is the real power in this greedy world. No spiritual and emotional connection remain with in the Muslim Ummah. Personal benefits are become first priority over mutual benefits. Muslim Countries are more interested in earning revenues by cooperating with India and investing huge sums of money to increase revenue.

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This ill behaviour of other muslims countries on Kashmir problem is a serious concern for whole muslims all over the world. Each and everyone must leave this world one day. The conditions are not always same all the time. Good time and bad times are the part of the life.

Those loved ones who always take care of you can be the most hated person for you. International politics revolves around the Economy of the country. Most rich country can do anything in the world and often other countries support his initiative either wrong or right action. The world is full of  greed and curse.

Muslim countries mixed response on the plight of the Kashmir people is an alarming situation. It almost brings us on the verge of the destruction. Same Rule of law for the poor and rich makes a nation strong.It inverse makes it weak and vulnerable.

Weak economy is the real reason behind this undesirable response from our brothers country. All depends on the currency notes of the country. It's natural resources and facilities available for citizens.

Pakistan needs to take firm stand on the Kashmir issue. Try best to do their part of the work to get justice for Kashmir.Aware global citizens about the communication blackout and violence of basic human rights in Kashmir. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Kashmir issue and the Role of Foreign Countries and international organisations?

Kashmir issue and the Role of Foreign Countries and international organisations?

After revocation of Article 370 and 35 A by India which entitled Kashmir special status and autonomy, the situation in Kashmir is serious and problematic. The residents of the Kashmir are protesting against this decision even in imposed restrictions and curfew.

India deployed extra troops in the already heavily militarized area in the world to control the situation and cope with the protesters demanding taking their decision back from Indian Government.Waving Pakistani Flags in the rallies by Kashmiris protesters is clearly tells us what they want.They want freedom from the India and United Nations resolutions also give them the right to self determination and a plebiscite to solve this issue.

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China is the first country to react on the unilateral decision of the India and condemned it.It clearly demands India to take their decision back on Kashmir. Chinese Foreign minister also spoke on the stage of United nations about the tensions and human rights violations by Indian forces.

American President Donald Trump also talked with Prime minister Imran Khan and Narendra Modi of India about the ongoing conflict between two south Asian neighbour countries. He offered to meditate between two neighbours to resolve it peacefully to end the current war-like situation. Trump is seem interested in meditation but India Modi,s denied any involvement of the third country in this matter. India said it is a bilateral issue.

United Kingdom Prime minister Boris Johnson also contacted by the Pakistan PM and Indian PM about the Kashmir Issue. He said that the Kashmir issue should be addressed peacefully and bilaterally between two nations.Now UK will take up the Matter with Modi in Paris in G7 Summit.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains neutral in this Kashmir issue. Pakistan people don't expect this from UAE.It is very alarming situation for whole Ummah in this era. Pakistanis are very concerned about that type of behaviour shown by UAE. Our muslims are targeted by Pallet guns everyday by Indian soldiers but this has nothing to do with the UAE.It is very strange and awful. This reaction is unexpected and pathetic at the same time. UAE must review their decision about Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This situation may happen to the UAE one day.

Russia remains neutral on this matter of Kashmir.

France now said that it take up the issue of Kashmir with the India in G7 summit.

In a nutshell, International community and organisations should take it serious because Modi government is taking similar steps which was taken by Hitler in his era.
RSS is the parent organisation of the BJP which is clearly inspired by the Nazism. RSS wants to oust muslims from all over the hindustan. They can go to any extension to make possible their ideology. They can go to even ethnic cleansing of muslims if needed. This can cause utmost risk to peace in the world. It is the need of the hour to take measures to control Modi Hitler from taking cruel steps against muslims specially in Kashmir.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Why Indian Occupied Kashmir is the main target of the Modi Government.

Why Indian Occupied Kashmir is the main target of the Modi Government.


Indian Occupied Kashmir is the main target of the Modi government because it is in the manifesto of the Bhartia Janta Party (BJP) to revoke the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir.Modi government simply wants to end the autonomy of Kashmir which is given by the great Indian leader  Jawahar Lal Nehru in the Indian Constitution.To change the Muslim majority into minority, these tactics are taken by the BJP to make the autonomous state into a hindu majority state. To outclass the Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir and become the supreme power, BJP is  taking these steps. 

Kashmir situation after abrogating the Article 370 and 35A is a big mistake.Pakistan is protesting at large against this strategic blunder. To resist the resistance from the Kashmiris, Indian Occupied Kashmir is fully lockdown and a curfew is imposed and continued from 12 days.

Pakistanis are rallying against this mistake in the streets across the country. Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan has rightly said that the world should not allow this time India to ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in Kashmir and India.If this happens, world is responsible for this misadventure and Pakistan take strict action against this attack of India.

Every brick will be countered with stone  said Imran Khan at Legislative assembly of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. India should refrain from any type of firing at the Line of Control and don't aggravate the situation.

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Kashmir is cut off from the whole world by shutting down of internet, mobile and phone services. Journalists are not allowed to report the conditions appropriately. Scarcity of the food and medicine crippled the everyday life of Kashmiris. 

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideology is the BJP ideology. Modi is the member of the RSS since his childhood and forcefully implementing the RSS ideology in the Azzad Jammu and Kashmir and all over the India.Modi ignored the consequences of these decisions is a foolish step. 

RSS ideology is inspired by the Nazi Germany ideology. Hitler ideology is the bad ideology and world couldn't bear this again.
RSS wants to make India only for Hindus which is a dangerous for other minorities living in India.Narendra Modi hardline approach towards muslims is totally incorrect and it may causes serious problems for India Itself. 

We need to speak and express about this Kashmir issue as much as we can to support our Kashmiris brothers and to aware the international community about this cruelty of the  Modi government on Kashmiris.

What this Independence Day Demands from all Pakistanis?

What this Independence Day Demands from all Pakistanis?

As a Pakistani nationals,  this independence day is special to all of us. We all loved Pakistan and this independence day demands us to take steps that make this country great and peaceful. Pakistan is the land of pure and intelligent people. We need to remember the principles on which we have created that nation.

Faith, unity and Discipline are the the three main pillars on which Pakistan is founded, and there is a clear need to follow these rules. The three pillars makes nation more strong when they itself are stronger and durable.

All Pakistanis need to work hard. Remain honest in every situation. Work for the welfare of this state. Avoid any dishonesty and laziness. Try to stay away from bribery and corruption. Struggle for the rule of law. End menace of favouritism and nepotism.

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Brings meritocracy and competency in all the departments of the government. Follow the rules and regulations as a responsible citizens. Have a Faith on the justice system of the government of Pakistan.

Help poor and needy people. Each and every citizen have access to clean water and medical health.  Free education system to increase awareness and literacy rate.
Given punishments to the criminals. Judicial system is free from any influence. Accountability of each and everyone irrespective of the cast, status and influence.

Promoting art and games in the nation. Bring equality among masses. No discrimination with anyone based on colour and cast.Strictly followed the constitution. Transparent electoral system. Quality drainage and solid waste management and disposable system.

Modern techniques to enhance agricultural products. In a nutshell, Pakistan will be a place of equality, diversity and meritocracy.  Consist of transparent electoral system and genius people. Hardline approach should be towards criminals, undisciplined and traitors. Humans rights are easily given to every citizen of Pakistan. Making Pakistan according to the dreams and visions of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e_Azam.This 14 August, 2019 promised with yourself to follows these Golden rules and avoid any negativity and anti-state propaganda.

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Why ideology of Hindutvta Fascism is a real danger not only for Muslims but for the whole world.

Hnidutva fascism is a real threat not only for Kashmir, Pakistan but to the whole world.

It is a serious issue and the whole world needs to  take strict action against this evil idea. World should need to speak about it consequences on the future of the world. As a Pakistani, I condemned this hnidutva fascism strictly and try my best to avert this bad ideology. 

No one can stop me from doing this. I will aware my Pakistani brothers and sisters about it and also the citizens of the other countries. RSS is the parent organisation of the BJP ( the ruling party of India). India is not only for Hindus because it is the constitution of the India which gives due rights to the minorities. So BJP is not able to do this for their own benefits. Narendra Modi is inspired by the RSS while RSS is inspired by the Nazism.

 His Main target is muslims currently but it can extend to the other minorities of the India too, so we need to tell all the world about the bad intentions of the BJP.It is necessary for every responsible person to be aware of this and informed others also one by one.We need to delete this ideology from the minds of the Indian people because it may also be a threat to the India itself. BJP wants to rewrite the constitution of India according to their own will and    citizens must act responsibly to end this dangerous situation.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

First ever visit to the beautiful Kaghan, Naran Valley up in the North.

First ever visit to the beautiful Kaghan, Naran Valley up in the North.

Our trip to the beautiful north started from Abbottabad my home city. The plan to go to explore the natural beauty is always in the mind but due to the busy routine in daily life always stop me and my friends from tour. But this time we have enough spare time so we decided to don't miss this opportunity.

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I have contacted my friends to spend these days in the Naran and kaghan valley to make a memorabl weekend. Some of friends are agree and others are busy in their work so they didn't go with us.

I have arranged a Motor Car so that we have our own vehicle for that tour because it is comfortable for us during tour.
I have given everyone a little bit time to prepare themselves for this awesome tour.

After all preparation, we started our journey from Mansehra road , Atd. The gathering of the friends in one place is an amazing experience because you can share your experiences, happiness and memories with them without hesitation. It also teaches you alot and also increases socialization in yourself. Having chit chat and many other things during the journey provides you a platform to express yourself and share your thoughts and future planning.

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Finally the tour started and our Car runs on the road towards Naran .After Abbottabad we entered in Mansehra, a place almost 18 KM away from Abbottabad. Mansehra is a green place with different types of pine trees going up in the sky.Mountains are partially or fully covered with forests. It was a nice place in the Hazaraa region.

Balakot is our new area from where we get our place Shogran and from Shogran upto the Naran, approximately 70 km dista├ČiLallu Sir lake.Lake is basically a place in which it is covered by soil from all sides.The water is in stationary situation in the lake.

We have taken multiple panoramic photoshoots to cover all natural mountains,greenery and water.The look of the LaluSar Lake is very beautiful.All friends try their best to take good pictures one by one and I have uploaded the best photos.
The roads are almost in average conditions because landsliding has done damages to these roads.

Government machinery is active to open the blockades wherever it occurred due to landsliding. But you don't need to worry about that because it is normal in that areas.

I have seen many truss bridges made from steel.It has a huge capacity of load carrying. Big trucks , busses and cars can easily passed from it.They have a huge strength and load bearing capacity. Another huge advantage is that these bridges installed in a very short span of time.

In case of any hazards for example in earthquake or flood if they are damaged, will be easily installed again. I loved that type of steel bridges because it provided a great benefits to the human beings.Some of the clicks with the sign boards. These sign boards are of great importance because it gives you guidance and some how satisfaction that you are near to the your destination place.

My friend Ehtisham Qureshi is also in pleasant mood in this picture.The tourism in Pakistan is increasing day by day because of the beautiful places weather and peace in our country. Tourists coming from different cities of Pakistan and also from foreign countries to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pakistan.

Government is also starting different initiatives to improve the infrastructure and others facilities so that tourists don't suffer any difficulties. Pakistan have alot of the beautiful places and mountains which attract alot of people who likes tourism and adventure. Many famous bloggers, vloggers and celebrities also take huge interest in that areas because of beauty and natural places.

I think everyone should go to these places and see what Pakistan have and others don't.Lastly I am thankful to all my friends Ismail Jadoon, Ehtisham Qureshi, Asher Khan Jadoon, and Farmanullah for that great time and amazing tour.

We all I hope enjoy the trip and saw the most beautiful places Pakistan have in them.It is a great gift for us from the Allah and we must thank to Allah and the founding fathers of the Pakistan because of their struggles and sufferings to get a country for muslims.

I wish you all go to that mindblowing places and see with your own eyes to enjoy the fullest .

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Blogger : Abbas Khan Jadoon.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Ducky,s Fan hit the Sham Idrees wife,Queen Froggy at Meet and Greet in Karachi.

Ducky,s Fan hit the Sham Idrees wife,Queen Froggy at Meet and Greet in Karachi. 

In Karachi Meet  and Greet, where Famous youtubers Sham Idrees and his wife Queen Froggy reached to meet with their fans in Pakistan in  a big mall. Something strange happened to them which create a big controversy on the YouTube Pakistan and other social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This accident is occurred when a Ducky,s Fans started chanting Ducky,s Ducky,s loudly in the crowd and at the same time pushing  and pulling others which create a big mismanagement and uncertainty.

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 In this situation, someone received a punch on the face of the Froggy randomly. This a very low type of  a act .Punching a someone wife is not makes you strong but weak. Why you hurt someone because of the your likelihood to someone.This madness is so harmful for our society because it creates a tense situation and atmosphere which is a bad thing and not good for the peaceful community. It showed the other world that Pakistanis does not respect women and can take revenge from women if they have a enmity with someone. It is a big slap on the face of the whole Pakistani Youtubers community.

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It clearly shows what Pakistani youtubers want only controversy, controversy and controversy. They don't want a good content and  good videos for their audience. They promoting hate and violence in their content which also incites other people to do the same when they have a fight with someone else. That kind of action openly invites abuse and humiliation of others and against a weak people. Powerful have their ultimate freedom on every matters wheth8er it's a wrong activity. Sham idrees and Queen Froggy have a huge subscribers on YouTube about 1.6 Million subscribers. They  create a good and entertaining content for their audience for years.They are showing their talent in a unique and innovative way.

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Bringing smiles on the face of the fans everyday with highly creative vlogs on YouTube channels. Ducky,s condemned the attack but he is the sole responsible for that incident because he is continually uploading content against Shaam Idrees and said highly abusive language and words.A group of youtubers support the Ducky,s rude attitude against Sham Idrees which leads to today shocking accident. If the youtuber community has not taken it seriously then all  youtubers have to bear the difficult time of YouTube.

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We  need to speak about the charges of  today and deficiencies. Good content needed not controversy and hate speech. Forgive each other and working hard to entertain the audience. 

Turkey Stand with Pakistan clearly on the Kashmir Issue;Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan in Parliament Speech today.

Turkey Stand with Pakistan clearly on the Kashmir Issue; TurkishPresident Rajab Tayyab Erdogan in Parliament Speech today. For the fourth...